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Essendon Group Training & Bootcamp - Why You Should Use Boxing For Fitness As You Age

Posted By Brad Hodgetts  
14:00 PM



Why should people use boxing for their health and fitness as they age?


  • Remaining injury free while improving total body fitness is one of the major benefits of a fitness boxing program.
  • As a cross training alternative, it provides a break in routine and adds variety to your overall training program because it distributes the load of training across various body parts.
  • It allows us to train at a high intensity with relatively low impact on joints. For older members, this means a break from pounding knee and ankle joints, while still getting an intense training session.
  • For those who are suffering lower limb injuries, boxing allows us to maintain and even improve on fitness levels during rehabilitation.
  • Boxing for fitness is based on functional body movements that engage and activate the core and joint stabalising muscles.
  • Fitness boxing makes it possible to train both endurance and power in the same workout. All things that diminish as we age.
  • Punching and hitting things is fun and relieves stress!

Check out the video for all the reasons!