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Essendon Group Training & Bootcamp - 3 Stretches You Must Be Doing To Improve Your Flexibility and Longevity

Posted By Brad Hodgetts  
09:46 AM


Do you stretch, even if you don't workout?


Muscles can become short if the joint stays in a short range of motion habitually over months i.e. sitting and slouching all the time!

This gets worse and worse as we age if we don't work on it. You want to have good posture and flexibility as you age as it prevents injury and gives you a better quality of life!


The only way to improve total muscle length again is to do low load long duration stretches.


This can be very time consuming so the best approach I find is to hit the 3 main areas that everyone is tight in from our modern society and prolonged sitting and slouching over.


Check out the video where I show you these simple stretches and remember you have to be consistent with stretching and hold them for at least a minute to see some improvement and reversal of muscle shortening!


As always if you have any questions at all about this post or improving your health reach out by posting below or emailing info@joltfitness.com.au