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Essendon Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp - Client Testimonial (Sharon Fletcher)

Posted By Brad Hodgetts  
12:00 PM


This week we had a chat to one of our super clients at our Outdoor Group Training in Essendon Sharon. We are so proud that Sharon enters her 60's stronger and fitter than she has been in a long time and that she doesn't let her age define her whilst prioritizing her training!


Well done Sharon, you have come so far on your health and fitness journey with JOLT and you are capable of so much more in the months ahead at our Group Fitness Training in Essendon. I hope you had an amazing day for your 60th.


JOLT Fitness is an indoor/outdoor group training and personal training company run in the grounds of St Therese's Primary school in Essendon.


Our mission is to help you be physically prepared for everyday life. Increasing your energy levels, reducing your stress and helping you lose weight so you can tackle whatever the day throws at you.


We provide a mirror free, gym free, non-threatening training environment that's inclusive and fun.


Need extra motivation and help this Winter? Book in a free trial and success session with us today.


Check out our official website at http://www.grouptrainingessendon.com.au


Check us out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Joltfitness/