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Essendon Outdoor Group Training & Bootcamp - Our Outdoor Program in 2021

Posted By Brad Hodgetts  
16:00 PM

What I love most about being a group outdoor trainer and running a group outdoor training/Bootcamp business in Essendon is the vast diversity of members of the community we get to coach. Elite athletes train with couch potatoes in the same group and both experience amazing gains relative to their fitness.


At the end of the day everyones bodies are designed the same. The needs of strong athletes and couch potatoes differ only by degree, not kind. That is to say, function in sport and life requires varying levels of power, endurance and performance across all energy pathways, which is what our outdoor program focuses on!


We plan programs that deliver reliable, consistent and predictable results with general physical preparedness (GPP). GPP is a broad, general, inclusive outdoor fitness program. We measure by determining where our clients sit on the health continuum shown below and what they consider to be a measure of their health.


Some members are interested in pathological markers due to their current health circumstances are and they sit at the sickness end of the continuum. They tend to talk about health in terms of their weight, waistline measurement, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol readings.


Other members however, are involved in conversations that include sentences, such as What do you bench/squat? What's your vertical jump or How fast you can run/swim/cycle a given distance?, then you are most likely talking to people at the fitness end of the continuum.


Ideally we move our clients along this health continuum:


Sick people are concerned with: BMI, Waistline measurements. Triglyceride levels. Cholesterol. Blood pressure. Blood sugar.

Fit people are more interested in things like: Personal Bests. Score in the beep test. Time for 2km run.

As a member moves from sickness to fitness, they rely less on pathological indicators and more on physical performance metrics and our program lays strong foundations for this!.


If you are looking for an outdoor, covid safe and inclusive training program in 2021 to improve your health and move yourself along the health continuum then take advantage of our train free in jan offer when you sign up for our Feb 6 week challenge.


Click on our schedule on this page to book a trial session!