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31 Edward Street

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Our Classes

Our classes are based on functional movements, teamwork and fun training that replicates real life situations.


With a mix of Strength, Endurance, Boxing, Yoga and HIT training to get you in the best shape of your life for the rest of your life, whilst utalising the power of training outdoors!


Start now and take advantage of our FREE 7 Day trial to see what training with us is all about. Or jump straight in to our amazing 28 Day Challenge Offer HERE.



High Intensity Workouts

These workouts are such an important part of any fitness program at any age and they will help regulate thyroid, increase metabolism and burn fat fast.

Strength and Power Workouts

These workouts will help you strengthen joints, bones and muscles, which will significantly reduce or even eliminate your common joint problems like back and neck pain as well as arthritis.

Endurance Workouts

These workouts will help you endure longer and will increase your energy so you can avoid those afternoon slumps and or cope with the stresses of a busy modern life.

Yoga, Posture, Mobility and Flexibility

At every session we work on joint mobility, flexibility and improving your posture through foam rolling, stretching, mobility and posture exercises as well as our designated yoga sessions.

Outdoor Boxing Workouts

These workouts are suitable for any age and will reduce stress levels, improve your mood, coordination and balance.


Exercise is important, so is staying young at heart and enjoying it. So at the core of every session, are some games a little bit of fun and teamwork.