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Video Testimonials

People join our Group Training program at JOLT Fitness for lots of different reasons; to improve their general health and wellness, increase their energy levels, lose weight, or reduce their stress levels.


Cecilia's Testimonial

Julie's Testimonial

Jasmine's Testimonial

Stacey's Testimonial

Louise's Testimonial


Jarrod Butler


8.5kg in 6 weeks, not to mention some impressive performance improvements from our 2018 6 Week Lifestyle and Performance Challenge winner Jarrod Butler. We are so proud of Jarrod's transformation and how committed he has been since becoming part of our family.


Annie Healy


Annie completed our 6 week challenge with some amazing results. 7.5kg in 6 weeks is a great effort and Annie is now stronger than she has ever been.


"Could not have done it without Brad and Tina and the whole group. For once I put my mind to achieving and told everyone about the challenge so I stuck to it! I'm pretty pleased and looking at continuing it a little more."


Meredith Crombie


Meredith chats to us about her recent success with our 8 week performance challenge, losing 4kg, 7.3%BF and gaining 1.5kg muscle!! -

Also how she loves the variety of our sessions, the comradery and of course the awesome FUN we have at Jolt Fitness!


Andrei Tascone


Our latest client on the month Andrei chats to us about his journey with us and his recent success.


Andrei has been part of the JOLT family in one way or another for 5-6 years but its only in the last 2-3 months that he has really upped his game, got into his health and fitness groove and is really reaping the rewards.


Andrei has gone from not doing strength and high intensity training at all to balancing out his training with strength, endurance and high intensity sessions as well as mobility and soft tissue work. He realised that he needed to commit to our program fully and turn up to multiple sessions over the week to get the best results and he is now stronger leaner and fitter than ever.


Congratulations Andrei and keep up the awesome work! 



Angela McGregor


This week we had a chat to our longest serving client Angela McGregor about her journey with Jolt Fitness over the last 7 years.


Ang is the poster child for how we should all approach exercise in our 60's and to be honest for the rest of our life. We can all learn a lot from her, especially the fact that age isn't an excuse.


She is stronger than most 40 year old women we know, she does full pushups and burpees like they are nothing, she is ridiculously flexible and more importantly she understands how important it is to maintain her muscle, bone and mental health through regular exercise.


You make us so proud with your positive attitude and you continue to learn, grow and become stronger everyday even at the young age of 63!


We look forward to working with you in the years to come!



Pat Mollica


Pat recently completed our 6 Week Lifestyle and Performance challenge with some awesome results, 5.2kg down, 6.1kg of actual fat loss in 6 weeks not to mention some amazing improvements in his fitness.


At 51 Pat has completely turned his health around, he is stronger and fitter than he has ever been and he embraces the importance of exercise for longevity of life.


The biggest shift for Pat during the challenge was training 4+ times a week instead of his normal 2. This is where the power of our program really kicked in!


Congratulations Pat you are a legend!


Arthur Tsiglopoulos


A big shout out to “The Doc” Arthur has been so consistent outside of lockdowns, and smashes everything we throw in front of him!!


Even with a knee injury to work around Doc shows up and gets it done, even as a busy GP! It’s also great to have a GP as part of our community that really values health and fitness as they age.


Great job Arthur and we love having part of the family!



Gavin Bell


Our longest serving male legend Gavin Bell chats to us about training in Winter and why he has stuck with us for over 6 years!


Gav gets the fact that exercise and health are for longevity of life and he makes it a priority year after year, even in Winter!


Gav is actively involved in fitness events around Melbourne and uses his training with us to smash thing like the recent Stadium Stomp a gruelling stair climb at the MCG for the 3rd year in a row!


We love having you around our community and we think Gav is an absolute legend!


Tammy Farley


This week we had a chat with our training superstar Tammy! We are so proud of Tammy as she gives 110% in all her sessions and is a training machine!


Tammy is so coachable and her strength and conditioning have improved out of sight since coming along as a member. Tammy is not afraid to push the limits of her capabilities and she reaps the rewards, we are so proud of you Tammy!



Danni Traficante


A huge shout out to one of our fit over 50 members in Essendon Danni!


Danni has been a member of the JOLT Family for quite some time and embraces absolutely everything we do! Danni is one our our strongest and fittest members, understands, values and embraces an ongoing long term exercise program and is SUPER-FIT in her 50’s.


Danni also inspires our other members and is in the process of becoming a coach herself to help other community members reach their goals. Blessed to have Danni part of our family.


Want to feel like Danni in your 50’s? Drop us a DM or grab a 7 day pass via the link on our website.