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Every Winter we hold a Winter challenge to keep our clients accountable and focused on continuing to train and keep attendance up during the colder months.

The challenge is not a weight loss challenge (weight loss is a bi product of the training we do over Winter but not the focus), it's about continuing or starting to train and improve performance at a time when most people stop training and hibernate due to the cold weather (a poor excuse if you ask us).

This challenge is open to current members, past members or anyone one else who would like to do 8 weeks of focused training over winter to Enhance Their Mood, Increase Their Energy, Move Better, Get Stronger, Fitter and Leaner and Create or Maintain the Habit of Exercise in Winter whilst also minimising the Winter waist damage!

Here's the details and what's included:
Dates: Challenge dates 12th Jul - 4th September 2021. Benchmarks and new member FREE trials in week 1.

Goals/Outcome: To enhance mood, increase energy levels, improve performance, burn unwanted body fat, maintain or build muscle and stay happy and energised over Winter. Winter can get pretty depressing and exercising the right way is proven to boost mood and keep the winter blues at bay! 

Program: Our Winter Warrior program is a High Intensity and Metabolic Conditioning program specifically designed to help increase energy and performance, improve strength and burn unwanted fat utalising HIIT Boxing/Kick Boxing and Metabolic Conditioning strength sessions.

The workouts are short and fast, burn lots of calories, increase lean muscle and are adaptable to all levels. No workout goes for more than 45 min and include warmup, mobility, soft tissue work, cool down and getting you moving better and without pain!

Includes: Full Body Fitness benchmarks at start and finish, support through closed member only Facebook group and via email, online or live seminars and at home workouts.

How to win: To be honest getting through Winter training consistently 3 x week and your already a winner ; ) but it is a challenge! The challenge is quite simple; whoever earns the most points over the period is the winner.

Points are earned for attendance of sessions (Max 3 points per week), completing bonus workouts, benchmark improvements, Facebook/Google reviews and check ins, completing health and fitness missions or bonus sessions (including watching or attending any workshops or seminars) and referring members for a trial during the "Winter Buddy Week" 

Prizes: MAJOR PRIZE is a trip away for 2 valued at over $500. SECOND PRIZE is a 180 Nutrition Protein Pack. Our challenge sponsor Graina will be provided prizes throughout the challenge.


Are you ready to become a Winter Warrior?

If you usually hibernate during in Winter and struggle with motivation, let's use the power of community and our group training and set ourselves some goals to be committed to train and stay strong (or become strong) over winter.

The work you do now can make it so much easier to be energised and happier come spring.

This year due to these troubling times and lockdowns all new members to JOLT get 30% off our current monthly rate for the duration of Winter Warrior to help you start on your journey to better health!

To register your interest please click HERE and we will be in touch.

 Dedicated To Your Health Success! 

P.S. Have a training buddy for Winter? Save an extra 10% if you join with a buddy! Click HERE to register for more details.